Processing personnel and payroll administration

  • Monthly payroll processing
  • Recap accounting process
  • Annual settlement advances on income tax from dependent activity, evidence ELDP

Full service includes

  • Processing of payments and personal agenda
  • Settlement of tax on income from operations
  • Preparation of bank statements
  • Sending of payment orders to the attention of the responsible person

Preparation of materials

  • Basis for the emergence of employee
    • Contract
    • Determination of gross wages
    • Calculation of net salary
    • Sign at the Czech Social Security Administration
    • Log in health insurance
  • Documentation for output workers
    • Agreement on termination of employment / termination
    • Compensatory sheet exposure
    • Calculation of the average wage
    • Logout the Czech Social Security Administration
    • Unsubscribe in health insurance


  • Compilation of statements of insurance
    • Preparation of statements for the Czech Social Security Administration
    • Preparation of statements for health insurance
    • Login and logout employees
  • Representation in communication with the authorities (Tax Office, Czech Social Security Administration ...)

Agenda also includes

  • Pension
  • Non-cash transactions
  • Payroll