Double-entry bookkeeping

  • Your conducting a double-entry bookkeeping
  • Watching you your taxes (VAT, road tax and others) paid correctly and on time

Tax records

  • Provide evidence of your cash and non-monetary income
  • Provide records of assets and liabilities
  • Make an inventory of property

Processing documents

  • Check the relevance of the accounting documents (the award after award and closing)
  • For the accuracy of our control pledge

Method for transferring documents

  • Physical transfer of documents (we in the ERP ABRA Gx)
  • Export / import documents with your existing economic program (LCS Helios, Altus Vario Cigler Money Sx. ISDOC Business in the standard) - according to the amount of our liability Discount to 40%

Processing Time

  • Standard Time - 10 days
  • Usual hours - 5 days from delivery of documents
  • In the contractual documentation of treatment failure of any of our terms of (a penalty)
  • If we get more time, you get up to 40% discount


  • Regular monthly respectively. quarterly accounts
  • Accounting services for start-up companies
    • Assistance in the completion of business plan
    • Take administrative action
    • Acceptance of accounting activities

Mode of communication

  • In our country, our economic system and our technique
  • You, with our online accounts
  • You, with your economic system
  • With the possibility of using the economic rent of
  • With the possibility of electronic data interchange

Price of hiding. In the case of interest we are happy to process non-binding offer our services. Contact Us.

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