Ostatní administrativa

Full service also includes:

  • Establishment of tax information Clipboard
  • Optimization of tax
  • Design flow of documents within the organization

Administration Tax Information mailboxes

Each of our client, create an automatic tax information box
the official, who throughout our collaboration manage free of charge.

Box allows:

  • Effective management of tax obligations
  • The possibility of online consultation
  • To check the current balance with the tax office

Management Data mailboxes

  • Receive mail from the public authorities (Tax Office, Czech Social Security Administration, health insurance)
  • Mail processing associated with the management accounting
  • Archiving all mail for online accounting (data after 60 days are automatically deleted)

for clients with a monthly fee we provide this service free of charge .

Other Services

  • Representation in communication with the authorities (Tax Office, Czech Social Security Administration ...)
  • Representation of the telephone communication
  • Administration and collection of correspondence
  • Classification of documents
  • Based s.r.o. / a.s. Turnkey

Lease accounting program

  • Saving money
  • Access to information on commitments, reports the claims, the state warehouse, sales, etc.
  • Savings in accounting resulting from contact with the electronic accounting firm

Archive - Records Service

The use of our service offerings:

  • Acceptance and sorting of documents
  • Save documents in the archive - files
  • Decommissioning documents under retention plan
  • Rapid retrieval of stored documents, send copies by fax or e-mail.