House Administration

House Administration

  • You will maintain for all economic agenda associated with the management of your house
    • Provision of advances and billing services associated with the use of units
    • Prescription and contributions to the fund accounts repairs respective owners
    • Provide automated, encrypted traffic running SIPO (the secrecy of personal data)

Basic services

  • Processing of lease agreements for rental housing
  • Ensure that prescribed controls and review of technical equipment of the house
  • Management of all the prescribed technical agenda
  • Ensuring the removal of defects in the revisions and checks
  • Preparation of materials for recovery of the calculation of penalty charges

We also arrange

  • Judicial enforcement through the legal services
  • Routine maintenance and repair of both the common parts of the house, so the individual owners (cooperative)
  • Orders (after approval of costs) for the repair and maintenance of the house
  • Archiving prescribed documentation, documents and personal agendas of all users Units
  • Periodic cleaning of common parts of the house

Standard services

  • Accounting community
  • Charging a separate account based representatives of the community (cooperatives) in the treatment of electronic access controller

We also arrange

  • Selection management (decision-makers the owner of the house) and a recording contract for work
  • Planned maintenance and investment, as suggested in the administrator (owner of the house agreed)
  • Supervising the implementation of routine and scheduled maintenance of the house with the participation of homeowner
  • Feasibility of access paths to the house (winter maintenance)
  • Payment of taxes and charges relating to the house and preparing tax returns for the owners
  • Organization of annual meetings of the community (cooperatives)
  • Preparation of tax returns of owners, including mandatory attachments
  • Additional requirements of the owner of the house by arrangement

Full service also includes

  • The conclusion of contractual relationships to ensure the supply of services associated with the use of units
    • Water, heat, hot water, lighting the common areas, cleaning chimneys, etc.
  • Ensure continuous emergency services
  • Closure of house insurance and claims handling
  • Commands and control the recovery of payments for services associated with the use of units

All the above-described acts perform in accordance with the law .